White Bull Security Solutions is a corporate advisory service with the dual mission of helping your enterprise to (1) recover and maintain focus on its core business mission and purpose and (2) identity, minimize and avoid risks to that mission that harm the company’s business results and prospects. 

White Bull Security Solutions reviews and analyzes your corporate policies, practices, culture and values, and assesses and evaluates the flaws, problems and vulnerabilities that hinder your mission and expose your enterprise to risk.  We identify the key risks and blind-spots that derive from such flaws and may result in material liabilities or even catastrophic losses to your business.  We formulate solutions to optimize your corporate policies, minimize risks, revise policies and practices that harm your top and bottom lines, and develop defenses against external and internal influences that hurt your business.  We also consult on an ongoing basis to help you negotiate and resolve specific situations (crisis management) and defend against attacks that your business may be vulnerable to.  

The key departments that we focus on are: Trust & Safety, Compliance, Marketing, and Human Resources. 

Our team of professionals bring decades of experience in risk mitigation, BCM/ERM, enterprise management, policy analysis, corporate governance and VC investment.  We provide the objective and impartial perspective of an outside, third-party observer together with the pragmatic and effective approach of seasoned, real-world entrepreneurs.

Our bespoke White Bull Security Solutions include:

·       Corporate Policy Review and Analysis.  We provide comprehensive review and analysis of your existing corporate policies, including Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, Refund Policy, Dispute Resolution policies and provisions, among others.

·       Risk Assessment.  We assess the key material risks, problems, blind-spots and hidden pitfalls in your corporate policies and practices that subject you to potential liabilities, conflicts, disputes and other legal exposure.  How are your policies and practices exposing you to material and even catastrophic risk and liability? We will identify the issues and help work towards effective defenses and solutions.

·       Policy Optimization. We provide bespoke solutions to help revise, revamp and strengthen your corporate policies and practices to mitigate against and reduce risk and exposure to attack, both internal and external.

·       Business Unit and Employee Assessments.  We review and analyze the fundamental practices and culture of your key departments.  Are the practices and operations of your Trust & Safety, Marketing and Human Resource departments in line with the core business philosophy, mission and values senior management and board of directors ? Are the corporate culture of any of these departments at odds with, hindering or even sabotaging your business purpose, commercial goals and results of operations? We evaluate these departments and identify any practices that are damaging your business purpose and results. 

·       Training.  We provide training, at all levels of seniority, to ensure that your company (1) maintains a culture focused on its core business mission, (2) remains aware of the key internal and external risks and vulnerabilities that threaten that mission and (3) is prepared with rapid responses to any threats and attacks that the business may come under.  Can management identify and deal effectively with internal threats? Are middle management and lower level employees equipped to handle threats and attacks from outside the organization? We train your people to be ready for all such situations.

·       Special Situations and Crisis Management.  When you face specific conflicts, disputes and unanticipated crises, we provide ad hoc consulting services and advice to help you navigate and resolve such situations. Whether it is disputes, arbitration or threatened litigation from customers, PR crises and disasters, or sabotage by rogue employees, we can provide you with timely and effective strategic and tactical advice along with appropriate solutions. 

·       Stress Testing.  We, independently or together with our expert consultant partners, can engage in practical and real-world stress-testing of your policies, practices and systems that demonstrate and reveal the flaws and risks that may lie at the center of your key business policies and practices.

·       Ongoing Monitoring and Review.  Once our solutions to your specific problems have been implemented, we can also provide ongoing corporate advisory services to ensure that the solutions are being properly implemented, maintained and updated to serve your purposes.