Holiday Greetings from White Bull!

We know all of our friends out there have been working exceptionally hard this year. We hope you'll take time out for some holiday fun! ... Here's a little message from the White Bull team! Wishing you all great things for 2012!


In it to Win It, Ryan Gallagher and his wife Belinda have been charging forward with Telecom company, IOVOX. One of this year's Bully Award Finalists, Ryan shares the fascinating story of his personal and professional journey.

White Bull / Elizabeth Perry:
So tell me exactly what is IOVOX. 

Ryan Gallagher / IOVOX:

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The BullPen™ 2011!

All-star cast joins The BullPen™ 2011!

Brought to you by ink Communications and White Bull Summits, The BullPen™ 2011 is the real deal for young firms. Facilitated by Hanna Manninen (ink Communications), this workshop, taking place on Monday, October 3rd from noon until 5PM at the 2011 Pathways to Exit summit is for attendees who want to spruce up their pitches and learn a thing or two from a fistful of hard-nosed successful entrepreneurs and VCs who will tell it like it is. We guarantee you'll be able to "run with the bulls" after this one!

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