White Bull 2011- Pathways to Exit

Following a successful inaugural event in Sitges, Spain last September, we'll hold our second annual Pathways to Exit conference on October 3-5, 2011 in Barcelona, once again celebrating the European Innovation Ecosystem - the interconnected web of thinkers and doers whose collective effort will help foster change and growth within the European Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) sector.



{My time here} would not have been so successful without all the introductions Farley and Elizabeth have made over the years.
- Yves Cornaz, Google
White Bull put us on the map!

Global Corporate Venturing

Global Corporate Venturing is a monthly publication for the in-house venture capital team at large companies that take minority stakes in smaller, more nascent businesses. This is the first dedicated news, analysis and comment title specifically for corporate venturing and will complement the existing venture capital titles and other financial services publications.

Pathways to Exit 2012 - THE VENUE!

We're in the home stretch for our Pathways to Exit summit - October 1-3 in Barcelona and happy to announce that booking is now open for our beautiful 2012 venue - The Rey Juan Carlos I!

Please note that rooms at the special White Bull rate are limited, so excellent idea to RESERVE NOW!

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Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I

The Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I - Barcelona's only "Urban Resort" - is a gorgeous 5-star luxury property situated just minutes from the heart of the city, on the Avenue Diagonal. Stunning gardens, pools, restaurants, bars, fitness center, and plenty of space for Networking ...

Meet Our 2012 Bully Award Finalists!

With 18 countries represented, our finalists were selected based not just on a brilliant idea, but on potential for growth and productivity.

Once again, we searched out the Wily Beast. And, here's what we found! ...

3BaysOver - www.3baysover.com - Switzerland
Accumulate - www.accumulate.se - Sweden
Adform  - www.adform.com - Denmark
AlterGeo - http://altergeo.ru - Russia
AppSpotr - www.appspotr.com - Sweden
Bevelity - www.bevelity.com - Spain
Blippar - www.blippar.com - UK

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What's Written in the Cloud?

These days, you might say most Techies have their Heads in the Cloud!

Prodosh Banerjee, Cloud Expert, and Entrepreneur, talks about the origin of Cloud Computing ... and where it's headed.

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White Bull 2012 - Pathways to Exit - October 1-3

Our third annual Pathways to Exit summit will be held in Barcelona on October 1-3! Registration is open!

Our 2 1/2-day summit will explore the entire company journey, from startup to Exit, with discussion around the theme of growth and productivity. (See what's on this year's AGENDA!) We'll feature some of the TMT industry icons with stories from the front lines, presentations from a select group of private firms across Europe, and lively debate. Attendees will include some of the brightest stars in the TMT sector - from the entrepreneurs that drive innovation, to the investors and corporations that help fuel it.


Once again, we give you the very thorough take on White Bull 2011 from Sarah Turner. Read on for Run with the Bulls, Part 2!

Pathways to Exit 2011 - Speakers

We are proud to present our speakers for White Bull 2011, Pathways to Exit.