Munich Makes its Mark!

The European Commission Researchers may have gotten it right when they recently called Munich the "Best Tech Hub in Europe!" ... At least that's how it looked from where we were standing at TechChampions 2014 - Munich!

There was no shortage of talent in a packed room at Wayra headquarters. Over 150 were there - from Entrepreneurs, to Investors, to some of Munich's top supporters of Tech Innovation.

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Happy to Stand - in Copenhagen!

Standing Room Only for TechChampions -
Copenhagen Shows Up to Claim their Piece of the Innovation Landscape

According to the World Happiness Report, based on data compiled by the UN, Denmark is the happiest country on earth. 

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TechChampions 2014 - Munich

Next stop on our TechChampions tour of European Innovation: Munich - recently touted by European Commission researchers as THE hottest Tech Hub in Europe! ... Could this be?


It is our pleasure to announce the venue for this year's Pathways to Exit Summit in Barcelona! The gorgeous 5-Star Hotel Miramar Barcelona, perched atop Montjuic, just above Port Vell, with spectacular views to the sea, affords just the right blend of old-world charm, modern styling, and intimately beautiful grounds.

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Tech Entrepreneur 2013 - Copenhagen!

Next stop on our Tech Entrepreneur Series tour of European Innovation - Copenhagen!

Memorable Madrid ...

White Bull and Bird & Bird set out on this year's Tour of European Innovation, with a Memorable evening at El GarAJE / AJE Madrid.

Despite some uncertainty about Spain's place on the Innovation landscape, more than 100 entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders were there to remind us that the bright spots will far outweigh any doubt. And a positive vibe carried us on into the night.

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