Happy to Stand - in Copenhagen!

Standing Room Only for TechChampions -
Copenhagen Shows Up to Claim their Piece of the Innovation Landscape

According to the World Happiness Report, based on data compiled by the UN, Denmark is the happiest country on earth. 

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Tech Entrepreneur 2013 - Copenhagen!

Next stop on our Tech Entrepreneur Series tour of European Innovation - Copenhagen!

White Bull/UKTI Tech Entrepreneur - Copenhagen 2012

White Bull and UKTI continue their tour of European Innovation, bringing the show to Copenhagen on June 20. The event will take place at Holberg no19, where the expat crowd is rumoured to gather often. We'll start off with a panel discussion on the local Exit climate, followed by a few presentations from entrepreneurs, drinks, nibbles, and, as always, great networking with industry peers.

Space is limited, so REGISTER here to secure your spot!