White Bull 2011- Pathways to Exit

Following a successful inaugural event in Sitges, Spain last September, we'll hold our second annual Pathways to Exit conference on October 3-5, 2011 in Barcelona, once again celebrating the European Innovation Ecosystem - the interconnected web of thinkers and doers whose collective effort will help foster change and growth within the European Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) sector.

Capturing the Spirit of White Bull - Impressions from Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor has been tagged Europe's premier event photographer by many. We were lucky to have him with us at White Bull Summits' Pathways 2015 in Barcelona. Words won't do these images justice. ...

Seeing is believing.

Thanks, Dan! :)

- Elizabeth & Farley

The Softer Side of White Bull ... and Word from our Friend Greg Mortenson

Yes, we said we were about Business. But Business is not only about your "bottom line" and a cleverly crafted sales pitch. ... It's about connection. And more, it's about engagement. Hence, the motivation behind bothering with the production of fancy, face-to-face events.

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It is our pleasure to announce the venue for this year's Pathways to Exit Summit in Barcelona! The gorgeous 5-Star Hotel Miramar Barcelona, perched atop Montjuic, just above Port Vell, with spectacular views to the sea, affords just the right blend of old-world charm, modern styling, and intimately beautiful grounds.

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Look Who's Coming to Barcelona!

Below are just a few names on the roster for White Bull 2010, Pathways to Exit! ... Will you be there too??

Check back often for updates!

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White Bull and ink Communications Present the BullPen!

Startup Bootcamp in Barcelona - September 20, 2010!

Hosted by ink Communications founder Jennifer Hicks, featuring expert coaching, and free for White Bull 2010 attendees, the BullPen will be an intense and fun-filled half day for a select few startups. 

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White Bull wants the spotlight all to itself. ...

So, we're moving our inaugural event to September 20-22!

We're happy to report that all sponsors, speakers, advisors, and attendees are on board and looking forward to getting together for a great event! Stay tuned, as we are continually updating our speaker list and program.

We also welcome your input and urge companies to apply for the Bully Awards.