Mats Venndahl VENNDAHL


Mats Venndahl is owner of consultant firm Venndahl Speaking Partner from Sweden. 
Mats is here to ask some key questions about your Pathway to success. 

After many years in business and finance, Mats went on to discover that things aren't so different in that world than in the sports world ... or in any other environment where it comes to being mentally prepared to perform at top level. A clear mind is paramount to achieving our best. 
Speaker, business coach, stress management and sports psychology expert, Mats helps people of all walks of life to perform at their best in today's high stress world. Mats is dedicated to helping corporate leaders, organisations and athletes to gain a deeper understanding of how we create our reality ... how our thoughts, feelings and our state of mind effect our daily decisions on our way to reach our goal with less stress and better results.