Jane Gideon Incendio International


With over 20 years experience in communications, Jane Gideon currently serves as CEO of Incendio International, which she founded in 1994. Incendio focuses on international public relations and corporate communications activities, with offices in San Francisco, Atlanta and London.  Jane is responsible for the overall management of Incendio’s international operations and clients.   Incendio has served such clients as Amnesty International, Apple Computer, Boston Red Sox, Cisco Systems, Deckers Corporation, Hyperion Corporation, IBM Corporation and Flextronics International, President Obama and has conducted PR programs in 24 countries in Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia.  

During her career, Jane has also served in the primary communications role for high-level executives such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs and John Sculley of Apple, Frank Calderoni of Cisco, Scott Cook of Intuit, and Scott McNealy and Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems.  She has placed these executives as keynote speakers at conferences such as the World Economic Forum and handled crucial executive testimony before US and EU government bodies.   

Jane brings extensive knowledge and experience in international mergers and acquisitions, including investor, employee, customer and influencer engagement, change management following an acquisition and complying with all international communications standards for publicly-traded companies.  Her M&A experience includes heading up M&A communications for Cisco, Intuit, Hyperion, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.  She currently works with the CFO’s office at Cisco where she is responsible for all M&A communications globally, including employee, investor, press and analyst communications.  She also serves on the company’s integration management team which covers all aspects of acquisitions from making the deal to logistics of integration and onboarding employees.

Jane’s experience outside of the technology industry includes work with Amnesty International, the Boston Red Sox, UGG shoe brands and Attune Foods.  She also headed up the press conference activities for President Obama’s visit to France during the 2009 D-Day events, where she worked with President Sarkozy of France and his communications team to coordinate press efforts.

Jane began her career at Alexander Communications and in 1990 launched that company’s West Coast operations. She has also directed such prominent accounts as Intuit and Symantec. Working with Waggener Edstrom, Gideon directed two of the most high profile PR programs of the decade with the launches of Windows NT and Windows 95.  

Jane received her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Psychology from Vanderbilt University and did graduate studies in business administration at Emory University.