The Lore of the White Bull / What's Behind the Name?

Long ago, before the birth of Western Civilization … when Magic ruled the Earth … Zeus, King of all Gods, became hopelessly enamored with the Phoenician princess Europa. As crafty as he was mighty, Zeus transformed himself into a beautiful white bull and set out to seduce the lovely young maiden.

Naturally, the princess fell instantly for the majestic beast when she spied him grazing in the field, and presented him with a crown of flowers as a symbol of her affection. When he knelt down before her, she climbed upon his back and was carried across the seas to the island of Crete. There, Zeus informed her that all of the land in sight would be hers.

Europa bore him three sons, all of whom became great world leaders.

… And so, the continent of Europe was born.

Later, Zeus cast the image of the white bull into the skies, where it became the constellation Taurus. Rumor has it that to this day the magnificent beast roams the lush pastures of heaven, watching over his beloved Europa.

At White Bull Summits, we’re in the business of business. And we believe in all of it: the magic; the transformation of ideas into something tangible; the rewards of a job well done; the power of relationships; the connecting of Bright Stars to form boundless “constellations;” Europe as a birthplace for excellence; ... and most of all, the Wily Beast!