Bull Market 2011

Jeff Coe of Linden Ventures is at it again as Chief Bully on the 2011 Bull Market! At this year's Pathways to Exit summit, on Tuesday, October 4, eight young firms will strut their stuff on the main stage, giving their classic elevator pitch to a corral of Bullish potential investors who will give their thumbs up or thumbs down verdict in real time.

The Bull Market will include the following firms:


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White Bull and FrenchWeb

White Bull is pleased to announce its partnership with leading French magazine and online hub, FrenchWeb.fr.

"This relationship makes perfect sense as we strive to expand our network across Europe," says White Bull's Farley Duvall. "FrenchWeb's dedication to Internet innovation in France and abroad is in sync with our own desire to strengthen the European Innovation Ecosystem. We're happy to have FrenchWeb on board for our upcoming Pathways to Exit summit on October 3-5!

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In it to Win It, Ryan Gallagher and his wife Belinda have been charging forward with Telecom company, IOVOX. One of this year's Bully Award Finalists, Ryan shares the fascinating story of his personal and professional journey.

White Bull / Elizabeth Perry:
So tell me exactly what is IOVOX. 

Ryan Gallagher / IOVOX:

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Gearing up for White Bull 2011, Pathways to Exit

Beginning with the half-day bootcamp-style BullPen 2011 on October 3rd at the headquarters of Barcelona Activa, White Bull 2011, Pathways to Exit will focus on how companies at all stages of business can step up to that next level of success.  Over 40 companies will be there to present, along with an elite group of movers and shakers from the TMT sector.

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The BullPen™ 2011!

All-star cast joins The BullPen™ 2011!

Brought to you by ink Communications and White Bull Summits, The BullPen™ 2011 is the real deal for young firms. Facilitated by Hanna Manninen (ink Communications), this workshop, taking place on Monday, October 3rd from noon until 5PM at the 2011 Pathways to Exit summit is for attendees who want to spruce up their pitches and learn a thing or two from a fistful of hard-nosed successful entrepreneurs and VCs who will tell it like it is. We guarantee you'll be able to "run with the bulls" after this one!

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Congratulations to this year's 60 Bully Award finalists!

Adform - www.adform.com -Denmark
Adspert | Bidmanagement GmbH - www.adspert.de - Germany
Aframe - www.aframe.com - United Kingdom
Appear - www.appearnetworks.com - Sweden
ASYX International BV - www.asyx.com - The Netherlands
Avista Time - www.avistatime.com - Sweden
baracoda media - www.baracoda.com - France
BETCAFE.com - www.betcafe.com - Greece
Cardcloud - www.cardcloud.com - The Netherlands
CarryQuote - www.carryquote.com - Switzerland
Certivox - www.certivox.com - United Kingdom
Click & Grow - www.clickandgrow.com - Estonia
Criteo - www.criteo.com - United Kingdom

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Spotlight on Manuel Jaffrin - GetApp!

Stewart Townsend shot the Bull with 2010 Bully Award Winner, Manuel Jaffrin of GetApp.com. See what they're up to now!

Stewart Townsend/White Bull: First off, let's hear your 140-character pitch. What is GetApp?

Manuel Jaffrin/GetApp.com:

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White Bull and UKTI were seen in Berlin this past week for the third of the Tech Entrepreneur Series Cocktails --  walking the walk!

Here's what Sarah Turner, Unthinkable Consulting, had to say about the event:

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Dancing with Gorillas ...

Spotlight on Author, Dr. Shameen Prashantham! 

Globally renowned author, lecturer, professor, and advisor to White Bull, Dr. Shameen Prashantham specializes in the internationalization of smaller firms, or SMEs, specifically as it relates to their interaction with large multinational corporations. He calls this Dancing with Gorillas.

I was lucky enough to catch up with him recently. Here's the scoop!

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Spotlight on Paul Veugen - Usabilla!

2010 Bully Award Finalist, Paul Veugen, Founder and CEO of Usabilla, talks about his Pathway to Success!

Elizabeth Perry/White Bull:
Paul, it's great to have you here. First off, let's hear your 140-character pitch. What is Usabilla?

Paul Veugen/Usabilla:
Usabilla offers a fast and fun way to continuously collect feedback on a webpage or image.

Excellent. Word has it you’ve had an exciting year and some fantastic news. Do Tell!

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