White Bull and FrenchWeb

White Bull is pleased to announce its partnership with leading French magazine and online hub, FrenchWeb.fr.

"This relationship makes perfect sense as we strive to expand our network across Europe," says White Bull's Farley Duvall. "FrenchWeb's dedication to Internet innovation in France and abroad is in sync with our own desire to strengthen the European Innovation Ecosystem. We're happy to have FrenchWeb on board for our upcoming Pathways to Exit summit on October 3-5!

"Frenchweb.fr promotes the dynamism of Internet and innovation industry," says FrenchWeb founder, Richard Menneveux. "That's why promoting an event such as Pathways to Exit 2011 was an easy decision to make!"

FrenchWeb.fr is a magazine for Internet news, business, marketing, tech in France and Europe. It is the first French Internet's professional community with over 300,000 viewers per month, 12,800 selected members on LinkedIn, 4,000 members and 3,700 fans on Facebook and 25,000 followers on Twitter!

Its vocation is to put on a pedestal French Internet players' initiatives : Nonstop information, expert interviews, and practical tips. .... Join now the FRENCHWEB CLUB! Everything you've ever wanted to know about the Internet industry!