The Softer Side of White Bull ... and Word from our Friend Greg Mortenson

Yes, we said we were about Business. But Business is not only about your "bottom line" and a cleverly crafted sales pitch. ... It's about connection. And more, it's about engagement. Hence, the motivation behind bothering with the production of fancy, face-to-face events.

Every year, at Pathways, we venture outside our Tech box and we dare you to join us; listen and look at the deeper part of being a successful - or even a failing - entrepreneur. What drives you forward? What vision is behind the business you're building? And most importantly, what passion is in what you do, to keep you standing despite the incredible odds you face?

Last year, we were honored to welcome Greg Mortenson, best-selling author of Three Cups of Tea, and leader of the Central Asia Institute. Many of you were lucky enough to meet him. A rare opportunity indeed. And, we're thrilled to report that his White Bull experience was both meaningful and productive.

Here's the article (PAGE 47!) written about his days with us in Barcelona 2014.

If you'd like to join us at Pathways 2015 on October 5-7 in Barcelona, please contact us for an invitation. Early Bird ends July 1st!

All the best,
Elizabeth & Farley