Neal Dempsey wasn't put on the Forbes Midas list for nothing. He proved he had the "touch" when he invested in a little startup called Starbucks years back, and that beat has gone on with several other winnng decisions over his career (Gudewire, Eloqua, Enphase, Apigee, Exactly, to name a few). Now Neal, forever on the hunt for the 3 Magic P's in an entrepreneur (Personality Perserverence, Passion), is looking for 3 early stage startups at White Bull Summits' Pathways 2015 - October 5-7 in Barcelona. The lucky 3 will win a chance to join him in San Francisco for "Neal's Running Start" - A Silcon Valley-style bootcamp, up close and personal, and an opportunity of a lifetime.
If you’re an entrepreneur who is available to spend the month of March 2016 in San Francisco and would like this amazing opportunity to learn from a Silicon Valley veteran and icon, be sure to be at White Bull 2015.  Neal is looking for early stage entrepreneurs who would like some intensive guidance on how to move their company to the next level, Silicon Valley-style.  Neal will provide your housing, but you’ll need to be able to get yourself there.  If you think you’ve got what it takes to build your strength and endurance at Neal’s Running Start program, give us a shout and we’ll make the introduction.
For more information, check out Neal’s web site here (

For your chance to join Neal in San Francisco, contact us for an invitation to White Bull's Pathways 2015.