Turns out we were right about last year's Bully Award winners! They were on to something special!
Take a look at what some of them have accomplished over the past months:

Adform Aps - Finland - was a finalist for GP Bullhound's Media Momentum Award for Europe's fastest growing companies.

Aito Technologies - Finland - has announced a new office in Dubai.

BuyVIP - Spain - was acquired by Amazon for 96.5M USD.

Canatu - Finland - received 4.7M USD in funding, along with former Nokia CTO, Yrjö Nuevo.

CarryQuote - Switzerland - announced its collaboration with CNBC.

Epuramat - Luxembourg - was awarded Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer 2011.

Fits.me - Estonia - Virtual Fitting Room - Estonia - received 1.3M USD in second round funding and was among CNBC's Top 20 Breakout Brands of 2011.

Masabi - UK - was nominated for the 2012 Mobile Premiere Awards in Barcelona

Plista - Germany - received EUR 2.5 million of fresh capital for their further growth.

Q-go - The Netherlands - was acquired by RightNow in a transaction valued at 34M USD.

Severa Corp - Finland - is now part of the Visma Group

Shutl - UK - received $1.04M (£650k) in Angel funding.

SPARTOO - France - was nominated amongst the fastest growing companies in Europe by GP Bullhound Media Momentum.

SunglassesShop.com - UK - was acquired by Glasses Direct.

Ubitexx - Germany - was acquired by RIM

Vilant Systems Oy - Finland - merged RFID activities with Swisscom Auto-ID Services AG

Watchmouse - was acquired by CA Technologies

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