Happy to Stand - in Copenhagen!

Standing Room Only for TechChampions -
Copenhagen Shows Up to Claim their Piece of the Innovation Landscape

According to the World Happiness Report, based on data compiled by the UN, Denmark is the happiest country on earth. 

TechChampions 2014 was on the scene in Copenhagen this past Friday, 27 June, to report that, at least in Copenhagen, this appears to be true! "Not only are they the happiest people," said White Bull CEO, Farley Duvall, "they might also be the hungriest!" In an overflowing room, some were indeed Happy to stand and watch what Copenhagen had to offer, which turned out to be amAzing.

6 firms took the stage to present their visions before an audience: Autobutler, Be My Eyes, Vivino, shipbeat, Kirkeweb, and Templafy. A panel on the innovation landscape in Denmark featured Jakob Ekkelund of Seed Capital, Nikolaj Nyholm of Sunstone Capital, Søren Jessen Nielsen of Vaekstfonden, Ulrik Bo Larsen of Falcon Social, Ulrik Laustsen of Bird & Bird, and Jon Shaeffer of Conferize.

I'm sure we'll hear more from this city in the coming months. Bully Awards nominations are well underway and submissions are pouring in!