There has been no shortage of criticism and concern directed toward Facebook, and social media in general.

In light of the latest media storm, we thought we'd catch up with one of our 2017 Bully Award Winners - Idka -who has built an alternative social platform, for businesses and individuals, where you can connect, communicate, manage, share, and store your information ... free from those ubiquitous algorithms we've all been hearing about.

This is Idka's Story. ...

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Praseeda Nair - Growth Business - Covering Pathways 2017

Aerial view of Silicon Valley. Credit : Flickr.com/ Patrick Nouhailler

We were thrilled to have Praseeda Nair of Growth Business with us for Pathways 2017 in El Vendrell. Here's some of what she took from our summit.



Once again, the White Bull Judging Panel has found some gems on the European Innovation Landscape. Congratulations to 30 deserving firms, evaluated on the basis of innovation, leadership, growth and growth potential. Please meet your 2017 Bully Award Winners!

Artificial Solutions - United Kingdom - Longhorn
- Netherlands - Yearling

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Meet Our 2017 Bully Award Finalists!

Each year we comb the European landscape, in search of bright stars - entrepreneurs with vision, and with the passion to carry out their dreams. Please welcome our 2017 Bully Awards Finalists!

Adictik - Spain - Yearling
- Sweden - YoungBull
Airfill Prepaid
(Bitrefill) - Sweden - YoungBull

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Change.vc Survey Results Are In - A Hard Look at Venture Capital Today

Change.vc shakes up the old establishment and takes the first steps to freshen up the venture capital industry
Barcelona 20th September, 2016 – The VC industry is broken. We know this because we’re part of it. This is why we decided to take action and ask the startup ecosystem to voice its opinion on the traditional venture capital sector. We call it Change.vc - the movement created to shake up the old establishment and regenerate the industry to serve entrepreneurs and not the other way around.

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Taking Stock: in Stockholm

It's never really a surprise to find such gems in Stockholm on our annual TechChampions tour of innovation. But, every year it gets better.

12 HOT local tech firms presented their visions last night, before an audience of investors, big brands, and industry peers, followed by an all-star panel discussion on the Innovation climate in this great city. Hats off and thanks to all for making it a stellar evening!

Presenting were:

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