Are you ready for liftoff?
Over the years, we’ve had a close look at what companies really need to get ahead, and we’ve become aware that while the landscape has changed for firms at all stages, the services out there to help them have not. You need services that will help you get traction. Yep, traction is what every potential investor and media outlet is looking for. This means not only a solid plan to craft excellent messaging, promotional tools and public awareness through both social and traditional media, but also the expertise to help companies make life changing connections, get funding, customers, revenue … and success.
Making the impact you’ve been dreaming of is about more than just an exchange of business cards and a flurry of press releases. It’s about knowing what you have that’s special, what YOU’ve got that the market needs, and knowing exactly how to SELL it to the right audiences.
White Bull has assembled a seasoned team of communications, investment, legal, and executive search professionals and advisors, to provide customized and affordable services to firms at all stages of business. We combine communications tools with hardcore business strategy and sales technique to help get you the traction you need to stand out, shine … FLY.
Get Famous
Armed with a deep understanding your vision, we’ll work with you to make sure your market “gets it” too. It’s smart messaging and marketing tools that work - to fuel your sales and your growth. Getting you noticed by the right media and by the right buyers is something few achieve. Our team has what it takes to make it happen. Inquire here
Grow Big, Grow Smart
We’ll work with you to sharpen your investment and business development strategies, and help you build a world-class team. Drawing from a powerful global network of industry decision makers, we’ll help you forge the relationships, locally and abroad, that will strengthen your business, fuel your success, and change your life. Inquire here
Leadership Academy
Our team has run hundreds of workshops with some of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs. In cities all over Europe, we bring you essential master classes in presentation, selling, handling media, leadership and team culture. Workshops are combined with networking and content you’ll use for life. Inquire here