Once again, the White Bull Judging Panel has found some gems on the European Innovation Landscape. Congratulations to 30 deserving firms, evaluated on the basis of innovation, leadership, growth and growth potential. Please meet your 2017 Bully Award Winners!

Artificial Solutions - United Kingdom - Longhorn
- Netherlands - Yearling

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Gina Smith


Praseeda Nair - Growth Business - Covering Pathways 2017

Aerial view of Silicon Valley. Credit : Flickr.com/ Patrick Nouhailler

We were thrilled to have Praseeda Nair of Growth Business with us for Pathways 2017 in El Vendrell. Here's some of what she took from our summit.


Olivier Pages Makasii


Slasher, Homeless/Photographer/Traveler/Communication Coach/Adventurer - Freelance since 2006
 - Traveling the world to collect ideas, inspiration and images.
 Fascinated about cultures, languages, traditions and happy people.
 Actually traveling through Asia (and more to come), for the Makasii.com and bffad.com projects.
Headshot and travel photographer.
 Communication coach for sales forces, product presentations, new technologies.
Former Nokia Academy trainer.
Instagram: wayanmakasii

Blair MacLaren Active Venture Partners


Blair is a partner at Active Venture Partners, having joined the company in 2007. Since joining ACTIVE he has played instrumental roles in the negotiations of many of the firm’s investments and exits. He currently sits on the boards of Restalo and Whisbi.
He also collaborates with ESADE Business School on venture capital and start-up business plans and is a mentor at Telefónica’s accelerator, Wayra.

James Harrison Sky-Futures


James is an Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and former corporate strategist with Deloitte. Passionate about data, he has pioneered the creation and commercialisation of proprietary cloud based drone inspection software, the use of AI for automated inspection techniques, and has provided services across 4 continents globally for companies such as BP, Chevron and Petronas and QatarGas.