Spotlight on Sherry Coutu!

I stole a few moments with Sherry Coutu, award-winning entrepreneur and Angel investor. She gave me some insights on entrepreneurship and some secrets to her success.

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Spotlight on Jon Bradford - The Difference Engine

While talking to Jon Bradford about his program The Difference Engine, I realized our efforts were similar ... tapping into the Innovation Scene in Europe. We are fortunate enough to have Jon as one of our esteemed coaches at the BullPen 2010!

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White Bull and ink Communications Present the BullPen!

Startup Bootcamp in Barcelona - September 20, 2010!

Hosted by ink Communications founder Jennifer Hicks, featuring expert coaching, and free for White Bull 2010 attendees, the BullPen will be an intense and fun-filled half day for a select few startups. 

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Spotlight on Jean Bourcereau - Ventech

Jean Bourcereau, of Ventech is in the spotlight this week, with his take on a changing VC landscape and on doing business globally.

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Spotlight on Lars Tvede


Happily, we interviewed renowned author, entrepreneur and financial investor, Lars Tvede on the release date of his latest book, Supertrends: Winning Investment Strategies for the Coming Decades.

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Spotlight on Rudy Burger - Woodside Capital Partners

The Exit – Why VCs Get it Wrong … and Other Juicy Bits


I spoke to Rudy Burger about that thing many companies don’t want to talk about … at least not soon enough: The Exit. We talked about this, and much much more!

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Spotlight on Stewart Townsend - Oracle

On European Innovation


I had the good fortune to speak with Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 new team member, master mentor, and social media player, Stewart Townsend. He had much to say about European Innovation.

Check this out!

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Spotlight on Falk Müller-Veerse - Cartagena Capital

I was lucky enough to snag a few moments with Cartagena Capital Founder, and M&A expert, Falk Müller-Veerse, as he went about his busy day … caught up in the frenzy we’re calling M&A MADNESS!

Here’s the Scoop!

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Spotlight on Eran Davidson - Hasso Plattner Ventures

Hasso Plattner Ventures’ Eran Davidson gave me a few moments of his time recently to talk about two topics: China and Social Entrepreneurship … both of which have him pretty charged up!

First up: On June 30, HPV will host an event to discuss the development of China as global leader. Here's what Eran had to say on the subject:

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Spotlight on Ray Skoglund - McNamee Lawrence

Going Global? ... 

Just a moment ago, I was on the "HORN" with Ray Skoglund at International Investment Banking Firm McNamee Lawrence. We talked about Going Global ... or Not!


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