Blast from the Past - Google's Anil Hansjee at Pathways 2010!

Tuesday June 12
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A few words from Anil Hansjee at White Bull's inaugral summit - 2010!

Spotlight on Paul Veugen - Usabilla!

2010 Bully Award Finalist, Paul Veugen, Founder and CEO of Usabilla, talks about his Pathway to Success!

Elizabeth Perry/White Bull:
Paul, it's great to have you here. First off, let's hear your 140-character pitch. What is Usabilla?

Paul Veugen/Usabilla:
Usabilla offers a fast and fun way to continuously collect feedback on a webpage or image.

Excellent. Word has it you’ve had an exciting year and some fantastic news. Do Tell!

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Turns out we were right about last year's Bully Award winners! They were on to something special!
Take a look at what some of them have accomplished over the past months:

Adform Aps - Finland - was a finalist for GP Bullhound's Media Momentum Award for Europe's fastest growing companies.

Aito Technologies - Finland - has announced a new office in Dubai.

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White Bull Impressions - Video

White Bull Imitations - After Party, 2010!
Wednesday September 22

Bully Awards 2010

Gala Celebration
Wednesday September 22

Photography by Bernard Gander & Elizabeth Perry-Duvall

Images from White Bull 2010 - Day 3

Wednesday September 22

Photography by Olivier Pagès

Images from White Bull 2010 - Day 2

Opening Day!
Tuesday September 21

Photography by Olivier Pagès