White Bull 2012 - Pathways to Exit - October 1-3

Oct 01-03 2012

Our third annual Pathways to Exit summit will be held in Barcelona on October 1-3! Registration is open!

Our 2 1/2-day summit will explore the entire company journey, from startup to Exit, with discussion around the theme of growth and productivity. (See what's on this year's AGENDA!) We'll feature some of the TMT industry icons with stories from the front lines, presentations from a select group of private firms across Europe, and lively debate. Attendees will include some of the brightest stars in the TMT sector - from the entrepreneurs that drive innovation, to the investors and corporations that help fuel it.

At the closing Gala Dinner Celebration, we'll present the Bully Award winners for 2012, recognizing excellence at all stages of the business lifecycle. While we know fresh ideas are worth talking about, we will pay close attention to growth-stage firms who have shown strength, profitability and the promise of further success. For more information about this year's Bully Awards, click here.

If you would like to be considered for a speaker slot, as a sponsor, or to present your firm at our event, please let us know. For an invitation to this exclusive event, please contact us here.