White Bull 2011- Pathways to Exit

Oct 03-05 2011

Following a successful inaugural event in Sitges, Spain last September, we'll hold our second annual Pathways to Exit conference on October 3-5, 2011 in Barcelona, once again celebrating the European Innovation Ecosystem - the interconnected web of thinkers and doers whose collective effort will help foster change and growth within the European Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) sector.
At White Bull 2011 – Pathways to Exit, we’ll explore the entire company journey, from formation to Exit. The White Bull speaker program will feature keynote sessions and panel discussions from the top names and companies in the industry. Our program will focus on how early stage companies can best position themselves for success and how later stage firms should approach those who will help them reach the next level.
We will present the Bully Awards to 30 private European firms from three stages of growth. Selecting from a pool of qualified applicants, we will acknowledge excellence in innovation, leadership, growth and disruptive potential within the TMT community. We will honor European companies poised to become category and industry leaders, and offer them an opportunity to present to potential partners and to the dealmakers who can help them reach their goals.
While we want to hear from companies who have experienced significant growth and success, our first day, and the Bull Pen will be devoted to the earlier stage firms, who will have a chance, with the help of industry experts and coaches, to hone their messages and prepare to present themselves in a competetive marketplace.  And finally, we’ll present the Bull Market, where ten select firms will be given the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of a panel of potential investors who will provide real-time feedback.