TechChampions 2015 - Stockholm

May 20 2015

Our annual TechChampions tour of European Innovation continues on to Stockholm on May 20th, for what promises to be the most exciting event yet! With global sponsors SoftLayer and Qualcomm Ventures, and our host: Synch Law, we'll take our yearly look at one of the highest performing cities in Tech. Stockholm has certainly earned its stripes on the European Tech Innovation landscape. Forbes puts it on the list of the "World's 15 Most Inventive Cities," and Nasdaq calls it a "breeding ground for Tech Billionaires."

Indeed, this city is home to a rising crop of European "Unicorns" - companies valued at a Billion Dollars or more.  Skype, Spotify, King, Mojang, Tobii, to name a few ... along with "watchlist" firms like Tictail, Klarna, iZettle, and fundedbyme (all Bully Award winners) and such powerhouses as MySQL, Qlik, and Tradedoubler.

Articles such as this WSJ piece - talking about what's brewing in Europe, and particularly the Nordics - are becoming more frequent.

While Silicon Valley continues to lead the headlines as the "holy grail" of Tech, VCs across the globe are increasingly turning to Europe ... and especially places like Stockholm ... where innovation is in full bloom!

TechChampions - Stockholm, on May 20th from 18.30 until 23.00, will feature presentations from 5-10 of the city's hottest Tech firms, along with the investors, and ecosystem supporters that can help fuel their success. We'll hear a few words from indusry icons, and discuss how Stockholm rates on the world scale of Innovation.

This is a free event, and by invitation only. If you are interested in joining us, or think your firm deserves to take the stage, please contact us here for an invitation, with a few words about why you'd like to be there. We will take applications for presenting firms until May 6th.

We hope to see you soon!