Tech Entrepreneur 2013 - Copenhagen!

Jun 20 2013

Next stop on our Tech Entrepreneur Series tour of European Innovation - Copenhagen!

A city known for it's devotion to Infrastructure, keen sense of Design, Architecture, Clean Tech, and Coding expertise, Copenhagen is also home to such innovators and visionaries as Tommy Ahlers (Podio), Michael Hansen (Issuu), Morten Lund, ... along with a burgeoning crop of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.

Starting the evening off with a selection of presentations from a few Hot Local firms, we'll hear stories from the front lines of Innovation, with a panel discussion on the Tech Entrepreneur Scene in Denmark, and as always, top-notch networking with a room-full of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Industry Deal Makers.

This is a free event, but by invitation only. If interested in participating, please contact us for more details.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

- Farley, Elizabeth, and the White Bull Team