2017 Bully Awards

The Bully Award Submissions are now closed. Please say hello to this year's Bully Award Winners!

30 Winners from privately held European Startups in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications sector (TMT) fall into three categories:


  • Yearlings: firms that seek or have received angel/seed rounds or equivalent; classic start-ups

  • Young Bulls: firms that seek or have received Series A financing; early stage companies

  • Longhorns: post Series A firms; growth stage companies

The Criteria:

  • Market Opportunity: How large is the opportunity? Is it compelling enough to build a substantial business and take it to  exit?

  • Competitive Landscape: Does the business have key sustainable competitive advantages over the existing and future competition?

  • Model & Revenues: Do the business model, existing revenues and growth forecasts present a compelling story?

  • Execution: What milestones have been reached, and how fast is the customer base growing?

  • Management Team: Is the existing management team and structure sufficient to drive the company forward?

    30 winners were announced at our 7th annual Pathways summit in Barcelona on 7 June, 2017. All 60 finalists had the opportunity to take the main stage and present their visions before an audience of global investors, big brands, and industry peers at Pathways 2017

    Congratulations and stay tuned for next year!