About White Bull

At White Bull, our aim is not simply to produce events. We are here to help companies succeed. Built upon the extensive knowledge and network of our founders and advisors, and in the spirit of the “wily beast” that we believe lives inside all successful businesses, we offer you a community, bringing together the best and the brightest – Europe’s top technology and media leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and visionaries. White Bull will respond to the needs of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sector, while providing a forum for ongoing discussion.

At White Bull Summits, we’ll hear from industry leaders on what it’s like at the top, and from the new kids on the block about what’s current. We’ll exchange ideas, network, critique, get to know each other, and do business.

We have assembled a team of media experts, analysts, journalists, and seasoned executives to seek out companies on the cutting edge. We’ll connect them with each other, and with the resources to reach the next levels of success.