Taking Stock: in Stockholm

It's never really a surprise to find such gems in Stockholm on our annual TechChampions tour of innovation. But, every year it gets better.

12 HOT local tech firms presented their visions last night, before an audience of investors, big brands, and industry peers, followed by an all-star panel discussion on the Innovation climate in this great city. Hats off and thanks to all for making it a stellar evening!

Presenting were:

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Pathways 2016 - October 3-5 in Barcelona is the year's most exclusive and high-powered event in European Tech. Bringing together Europe's top tech innovators with global investment and big brands, we will gather in an intimate setting to discuss, exchange, critique, get to know each other ... and do business.


2016 Bully Awards

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Pathways 2016

Tom Henriksson from Open Ocean Capital

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