Now in its 6th year, Pathways is the most intimate and prestigious summit in Tech, showcasing the best and brightest of European Innovation, connecting the top tech entrepreneurs with the global investors, big brands, and ecosystem supporters who will help accelerate their success.


Neal Dempsey wasn't put on the Forbes Midas list for nothing. He proved he had the "touch" when he invested in a little startup called Starbucks years back, and that beat has gone on with several other winnng decisions over his career (Gudewire, Eloqua, Enphase, Apigee, Exactly, to name a few). Now Neal, forever on the hunt for the 3 Magic P's in an entrepreneur (Personality Perserverence, Passion), is looking for 3 early stage startups at White Bull Summits' Pathways 2015 - October 5-7 in Barcelona.

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Over 400 privately held European firms were evaluated and 60 were selected as Finalists based on excellence in leadership and performance, market opportunity, growth, and growth potential.

This year, there were several firms who reapplied after having won in the Longhorn category.

We got so excited, we invented a new category! Nevermind the Unicorn. This is the land of the BULL! Friends: Meet the MINOTAUR!!

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2015 Bully Awards

Now in our sixth year, White Bull and a panel of renowned Industry Analysts, Journalists, Academics, and Experts have been combing the Tech Innovation landscape across Europe, in search of Europe's Bright "Tech" Stars, who have demonstrated excellence in innovation, leadership, and growth potential. 


30 Winners from privately held European Startups will fall into three categories:


  • Yearlings: firms that seek or have received angel/seed rounds or equivalent; classic start-ups

Pathways 2015

Oriol Juncosa

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